6 Point Controller Board


(LxWxH) 6"x5.5"x2"

$ call for quantity discounts

- 6 software programmable outputs connect directly to triac boards via wire capture plugs.

- User adjustable clock to set pattern speed.

- Direct drive output allows each point to drive up to 7 triac board inputs.

- LED lamps show pattern selected. Set patterns in the shop then install it in the sign.

- On board DIP switch software programmable with different patterns.

- 1 year warranty.

Let us assist your design team with incorporating this board into your next application. Consultations and system layout assistance are free.


* Driver chip, memory, CPU and DIP switch are all in sockets.

* Each of the 6 outputs can drive up to 7 triac board inputs.

* On board AC fuse. Surge protection for AC input and 5VDC logic circuit.

* Transformer can be replaced with 240VAC unit.

* Remote input and Reset input allow board to be controlled remotely.

* The customer can request the DIP switch be programmed with animation options.


- The board was programmed to turn all outputs on solid until the remote input was detected. As long as the remote input was on the board would scintillate 6 points, 4 on / 2 off.

- The customer wanted to know when a car entered his mini-storage lot. He had the sign at the end of the property, where the entrance was, scintillate forward with a 3 point scintillation. If a car rolled over the sensor the sign would flash on and off for 15 seconds before going back to the scintillation pattern.

- The board was programmed with 12 different scintillation patterns. One pattern would change to the next every 30 minutes.

- The remote input was tied to a bank of slot machines with a relay attached to every hopper motor. When a payout would occure, anywhere on the bank, the sign above the bank would change its animation.

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